River cruises are becoming more popular each year. Why?

  • It’s a slower, more relaxed experience
  • Scenery and culture are the attractions
  • River ships provide an intimate atmosphere
  • Fewer passengers…less than 200
  • River ships dock right in the city centers
  • Shore excursions are included
  • and more

For the full article from USA Today, check here.

Another great reason to take a European river cruise is the opportunity to check out your ancestral home in a leisurely, relaxed atmosphere.


I recently read in Travel Weekly that Avalon Waterways has just introduced the first ‘suite’ ship.

Avalon Waterways Panorama roomA brand new kind of ship, the Avalon Panorama set sail in 2011, taking inspired design to a whole new level. A unique “Suite Ship,” the Avalon Panorama was the first of its kind in the industry – with two full decks of suites featuring a Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Window that transforms the living space into a unique Open-Air BalconyTM.

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Although it’s been many years ago, I fell in love with a Rhine River cruise. My husband and I cruised down the Rhine River for four days from Rotterdam in the Netherlands to Strasbourg, France, and it was wonderful. It was great to slowly meander down the river and watch from our cabin window as the barges cruised by. The barge owner lives on board with his (her) family. We saw pretty lace curtains in the windows and a playpen on the deck–quite a contrast to the work aspect of the barge.

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