Ruby Princess cruise – Day 2


Day 2 of our Ruby Princess cruise began with arrival in St. Peter Port on Guernsey Island, 80 miles south of England. It is famous for the cow named after the region.

Known as Lisia by the Romans, the Vikings renamed the island to Guernsey which means ‘Corner Island.’ During World War II, it was heavily fortified for no particular reason by Adolph Hitler.

Victor Hugo lived here in exile for 15 years at the Hauteville House with his wife, Adele, and four children. Both Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame were written here.

Around 1716, Sir Edmund Andros constructed the facade of Sausmarez Manor which was originally built about 900 years ago. Not only that, but he was Lt. Governor of Guernsey. In addition, Andros was Governor, at various times, of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia and North Carolina.

It was Sir Edmund who changed the name of New Amsterdam to New York when he was the first British Governor.

The milk of the fabled Guernsey cow is golden and regarded as the world’s healthiest and most delicious. It has an unusual amount of beta-carotene. The breed was started around 1700. Every year, locals stage the Guernsey Cow Parade.

British Isles cruise 6-2014 023  Guernsey street British Isles cruise 6-2014 030 Colorful building in Guernsey

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