Galapagos Islands Cruise – Part 3

I hope you read parts 1 and 2 regarding my Galapagos Islands cruise. So, we just arrived at the Baltra airport. We were given a short shuttle ride to a dock where there was a awning with a couple benches which had been overtaken by sea lions. There was even a baby one lying on the ground!

We donned our lifejackets and embarked on a zodiac for the first of many rides to and from our ship, the Celebrity Xpedition.

Upon arrival at the ship, we were given cold washcloths to freshen up. Then we walked upstairs to the Discovery Lounge where we were welcomed with champagne and orange juice.


Our room had a large porthole, TV, phone and clocks on both the desk and nightstand. The refrigerator was stocked with Cokes and bottled water which was replenished daily. The shower has a glass door instead of a curtain, which if you’ve ever had a shower with a curtain that tends to stick to you, you can appreciate the shower door.

Lunch was served in the dining room and then we went to the Discovery Lounge for a briefing. The Cruise Director introduced the naturalists who would be manning each of the zodiacs during the week. He explained that the difference between the high intensity excursions was only longer walking than the low or medium ones. We had a lifeboat drill and soon after arrived at our first island.

Our zodiac went along some cliffs for about 30 minutes. The naturalist, Manuel, pointed out the sea lions, frigates and blue-footed boobies. We also saw many sea lions including very young ones as well as marine iguanas and even mating birds.

           Galapagos islands cruise

Then we off-loaded on some rocks which we climbed and then walked along a path where we saw many sea lions and some marine iguanas and one land iguana. The terrain was rocky and then gravel. We walked back and loaded onto the zodiacs to go back to the ship.


At 7:30pm we went to the Discovery Lounge where the cruise director, Jorge, introduced the Captain who told us of the ‘open’ bridge policy. We then went to dinner. We went to our room and since there wasn’t much on TV, went to bed.

Check back soon for part 4 of my Galapagos vacation.

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