Do(e) a deer, a female deer…

‘Ray’, a drop of golden sun…yep, more scenes from the Sound of Music, this time in Salzburg, Austria when we visited Mirabell Gardens during our Danube River cruise. This is where the Do, Re, Mi song for the movie was filmed.

Salzburg is proud of its past and rightfully so. Once an ecclesiastical principality directly accountable to the Emperor, Salzburg was ruled by Prince-archbishops who possessed both secular and ecclesiastical powers.

The modern city is located on the site of Roman Juvavum, a settlement along one of the major military roads of the ancient world. Centuries after the collapse of the Roman Empire, Bishop Rupert founded the city anew in 696 AD.

The face of contemporary Salzburg is dominated by the baroque majesty of the old city, created in the 17th and 18th centuries. At that time┬áthe Prince-bishops launched their major building programs and left an indelible mark on the architecture of the city. Even today, over one hundred churches, castles and palaces bear witness to the power of Salzburg’s archbishops.


In case you need a reminder from the movie…







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