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Treasures of the Vatican

Treasures of the Vatican Beginning in 1508, Michelangelo took his paintbrush to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, located in the Apostolic Palace,… 0

Cruise Ship Safety

The tragic grounding of the Costa Concordia along the coast of Italy last year may have you wondering about safety on your next… 0

Holiday Travel Tips – Part 3

Holiday Travel: How to Pack Lighter During the past few years, most airlines have changed their baggage policies. It’s now very common to… 0

Holiday Travel Tips – Part 2

Holiday Travel: What to Do at the Airport An airport full of cheery holiday travelers can be a festive scene, but check-in and… 0

Holiday Travel Tips – Part 1

Holiday Travel: What to Do Before You Leave for the Airport Spending time with family and friends during the winter holidays is wonderful,… 0

Vacationers Love International Cruising

Cruising continues to increase its standing as the favorite international vacation choice, according to the Travel Leaders Group 2012 Fall Travel Trends survey…. 0

60 Second Geography – Livorno, Tuscany, Umbria

   Goethe once observed that Tuscany “looks like Italy should.” Fortunately, little has changed in the two centuries since the German poet was… 0

Passport ‘Card’ vs. Passport ‘Book’

My friend just found out the hard way about the difference between a passport ‘CARD’ versus a passport ‘BOOK’. The U.S. Passport Card… 0

Buy Foreign Currency Before You Travel

I am often asked about whether to purchase foreign currency prior to leaving for an international destination. I think it’s a good idea:… 0

What is the best way to see a destination?

I know that many people think… “I would never want to take a tour”… “I don’t want to be on a bus with… 0

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