How to save money when you book a cruise

Well, maybe you should…

My customers are going on 3, yes 3 cruises in Europe this fall.

The first one departs from Dover, England and they booked it in June, 2012, well over a year in advance.

I just checked on the latest pricing and was able to get them a rate that is $405 lower, PER PERSON!! That’s a savings of over $800 for the couple.

Cruise number two departs from Barcelona, Spain and cruises around the Mediterranean. It was booked in November, 2012, almost a year in advance.

I checked the rates in December and I was able to get them a rate for the same cabin that is $100 lower, PER PERSON!! That’s a savings of $200 for the couple.

Norwegian Epic cruise ship

Their third cruise begins in Barcelona and cruises the Atlantic, ending in Miami, Florida. The rates haven’t gone down yet, but you never know! And I’ll be checking!

Therefore, I already saved them over $1,000!

Another customer booked a cruise while onboard another cruise. That is an easy way to save money:

They booked a cruise around the British Isles for May, 2013, while cruising in September, 2012.

First, they only had to pay a refundable deposit of $100 per person, by booking onboard.

Second, they got a good rate and a discount on insurance.


However, I checked on the rates in late December and was able to get the rate for the same cabin for $190 less PER PERSON! In addition, they are now going to receive a shipboard credit of $100 per person!!


Let me ask you: Will an online booking engine check and tell you if the rates are lower?

If you book direct with the cruise line, will the cruise line agent check on lower rates and let you know about them?

The answer is no…

Well, I will. I periodically check to see if there is a promotion or lower rate available for your cruise. That is how you save money when you book a cruise.

Moral of the story: for the best rates when booking your cruise, have a great travel agent book your cruise for you!

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  1. AnaGoncalves, 27 June, 2013

    I love your discounts and that is great that you are going on some cruises. My desire is to go on a cruise soon too, and who knows it may be for my Birthday. Great tips and thank you for sharing. Have a great day x Ana

  2. owentrvl, 27 June, 2013

    Thanks for the comment, Ana!

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