Amazing Galapagos Islands – cruise!


Whale swimming on its back along our zodiac boat in the Galapagos islands!

This picture might look rather strange but if you can imagine…we were in a zodiac boat with about 10 other people during one of our excursions from our cruise to the Galapagos Islands. On this day our naturalist guide went looking for whales. Thank goodness he was patient and didn’t give up.

It took about 45 minutes, but it finally paid off when a whale showed up right next to our zodiac.

But the best part was that whale wanted to play…it would swim along one side of our boat and then disappear.

Seconds later, it reappeared and swam along the other side of our boat.

And then it disappeared again.

And then it reappeared–this time on it’s back!! It was giving us quite a show and it was exciting!

So that is what you see in the picture above–the whale swimming on its back, so close to our zodiac.

Before I took that cruise on the 96-passenger Celebrity Xpedition, I didn’t even know where the Galapagos Islands were, or that they are part of Ecuador. It was a wonderful trip. We flew into Quito, the capital, high in the mountains at over 10,000 feet elevation. I have to admit I was a little nervous about landing there–was I going to be gasping for breath? Turns out it was no problem. I did notice that walking up stairs was a little more difficult, though.

I just can’t stop talking about that cruise. I’m not an outdoorsy-type person. I’m not that into animals or birds. But that all went by the wayside when I experienced these islands.

Galapagos collage 2

Dolphins and tortoises during our Galapagos islands cruise!

It was exciting to have a dolphin swim right in front of our zodiac boat–so close you could almost reach out and touch it.

I couldn’t imagine a ‘blue footed booby’ but I saw these birds with the bluest feet!

And then there was the huge tortoise in the middle of the road–just sitting there–the bus driver had to slow down and go around it. We were on our way to a ranch where we saw at least a dozen of them scattered about the grounds.

We saw land iguanas, marine iguanas, sea lions, not to mention the birds…we even saw pelicans swoop down into the water and catch fish.

We were very surprised to see penguins! Yes, there were penguins on the rocks that we sailed past. And I thought they were only in Antarctica.

Galapagos Collage

Blue footed booby, penguin, land iguana, zodiac boat, Celebrity Xpedition cruise, pelican

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