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Your Vacation Dilemma:

♦ You want to plan your dream cruise vacation

♦ You want an expert to do the research and planning for you

♦ You want the best value for your vacation dollar

♦ You don’t want to pay extra for advice

Your Solution:

♥ We love planning trips of a lifetime for people like you

♥ We save you money over the internet pricing while providing special

    VIP service throughout the planning process to your ‘welcome home’

♥ We give you the assurance that should anything go wrong during

      your travel, we are here to assist you


Don’t go it alone when looking for

the right cruise or tour for


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What Margaret Owen, Cruise Pro customers are saying:

“Through it all your very detailed planning and directions were flawless.”

Hi Margaret:

Thank you for the enormous amount of work you put in on my most recent cruise to Alaska with my grandson Danny.  You also planned the same cruise at the same time for my sister and brother-n-law who live in Seattle.  Danny and I flew to Seattle, joined my sister and brother-in-law and then you bussed us all to Vancouver where we got on the cruise ship.  You made all our arrangements on the cruise ship, got us perfect rooms, the best eating plan and other amenities.  When we landed in Seward, you bussed us to Anchorage (that road was one of the most beautiful roads I have ever been on); flew us to Seattle and then flew Danny and I back to Sacramento a few days later.  Through it all your very detailed planning and directions were flawless.  You told us exactly what to expect and everything went without a single hitch.  Your attention to detail is truly amazing.

This is not the first time you have planned a trip for me and it certainly won’t be the last.  Thank you again!

Jeanne Huggins

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